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The Legend of Argenta

Ancient legends of the land speak of a beautiful young princess called Argenta who lived in a wonder enchanted palace made of every type of marble known. Her palace was in the heart of a rich, fertile valley filled with gentle creatures that could do no harm. Exotic flowers and plant life grew everywhere, water ran sweet and clear and the skies were always clear and warm.

Mica flickered in all the rocks and was often found in the streams making them glisten like diamonds in the bright sunlight. Early morning dew drops clung gently to leaves of small trees and grass, appearing like fairy jewels scattered from wild dance the night before. Wild birds with long, colorful tails and bright faces filled the air with the sweet sounds of their love songs. Tiny animals freely darted in and out of the underbrush, fearing nothing, as there were no enemies anywhere to be found. The dwarves that lived n the valley loved Princess Argenta very much. They worked her silver and ruby mines so that the elves who shared the valley with them could make beautiful jewelry and weapons. Everything in the valley was peaceful.

One day, according to legend, a ruby the size of an apple was found. A perfect ruby. The dwarves cut the ruby carefully so that its size would not be diminished. The elves polished the ruby until it shone so that it was almost impossible to gaze upon. They presented it to
the princess and told her that it was as lovely as she, and they called it [[“My Lady’s Heart”]]. So pleased was the princess that she decided to honor her friends, the elves and dwarves, with a grand party; a masquerade ball. Everyone was invited to come.

One the eve of the grand ball, people poured into the valley from everywhere. How so many people had heard about the party no one knew, but the princess did not mind. She was proud of the ruby and wanted everyone to see “My Lady’s Heart.” She should not have been so eager to show the ruby, as one guest was interested in more than its beauty alone. He had come to steal it. His eyes also roamed freely to the princess, and he gazed upon her as much as he gazed upon the brilliant gem. Princess Argenta saw this, and in her innocence smiled backed at him. Two dwarves and an elf saw this, and when they challenged him after the party, they were never seen or heard from again.

Many weeks after the party a red dragon was seen in the skies of the valley. The dragon burned the rich land with its breath and terrorized the gentle people of the valley. The land was left scorched and barren. Those valley people unfortunate to get close enough to the dragon (but fortunate enough to live) swore that they saw a man in silver and blue armor riding on its back. Some folks still say that they see a red dragon in the skies over the valley. Many say that they see a saddle on the dragon’s back and loose reins near its head. The valley is now dead, the palace is in ruins. No one knows exactly what happened to the princess. Some believe that the man on the dragon carried her away. Others think that he killed her and stole what treasure he could find. But all stories say that the ruby, "My Lady’s Heart,” is still hidden in the palace.

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